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We are a greater Toronto based Ontario personal injury and accident law firm with sole specialization in serious dog bite or dog attack injury cases. 

A tort is an actionable wrong that arises from an action or inaction committed by one or more persons against another person or group of persons.  The term 'actionable' means you are able to sue in the civil court for monetary damages. Lawyers that practice personal injury torts, that is torts resulting in direct physical and/or mental harm, are known as personal injury lawyers. They are also known as accident lawyers.

For most Ontario personal injury lawyers, motor vehicle accident cases serve as their bread and butter. Second in line are slip and fall cases. Some sophisticated personal injury lawyers only practice medical negligence cases.

At Hannan Virdi Dog Bite Injury Lawyers, we are two personal injury lawyers that only practice Ontario's Dog Bite Injury Law.  We have chosen this area of specialization because this relatively small area of personal injury law often times do not get the  mainstream attention of the Ontario Personal Injury bar. We have noticed that many worthy dog bite injury claims fail to get a just damage compensation because such cases are often times handed out to so called 'junior' lawyers because their monetary value may not be high enough as compared to a serious motor vehicle accident case.

We are two greater Toronto based experienced personal injury lawyers, who have committed our law practice entirely to Ontario Dog Bite Injury Law, and have won or settled numerous Ontario Dog Bite Attack Injury cases at a just and full monetary damage in the Pickering-Ajax-Durham region. Visit our Dog Bite Injury Law Page for more details.

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