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As The Only Ontario Law Firm Specializing Solely in Plaintiff's Dog Bite Attack Personal Injury, Our Two Specialized Dog Bite Lawyers Work Together in Every Dog Attack Case to Obtain a Full, Just and Ethical Monetary Damage Compensation For the Serious Ontario Dog Attack Victim In the Best Possible Way.  We Do Serious Dog Bite Cases from Every Corner of Ontario. Meet Us Via Zoom/ Online.

Hannan Virdi Dog Bite Injury Lawyers
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Jatinder Virdi (LLM, Toronto) & Usman Hannan (JD, Osgoode, York)- Ontario Dog Bite Law Specialist Lawyers
Jatinder Virdi (LLM, Toronto) & Usman Hannan (JD, Osgoode, York)- Ontario Dog Bite Law Specialist Lawyers

Some of Our Dog Bite Injury Cases

While bicycling in a trail in uptown Mississauga, a woman was suddenly attacked by a jogger's large dog. She sustained multiple puncture wounds in her right leg, and back-injury from falling off the bike.  Usman Hannan and Jatinder Virdi took on the case, and settled it for $75,000.00 (2023)

A young lady in the Niagara Region was walking in a residential neighborhood in Welland, Ontario, when all of a sudden, a large dog from a home came out and violently attacked her.  She suffered from multiple lacerations, stitches and permanent scar marks. Our two Ontario dog bite specialist lawyers took on the  case, and settled it for $72,500.00 (2003)

As she was jogging, a Brantford region young woman got unexpectedly bitten on her right buttock by a neighbor's German Shepherd. Our dog bite lawyer took on the case and settled it for $36,000.00 (2022)

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Dog Bite Injury Lawyer

What Are the Dog Attack Injuries, and Are Such Accidents Legally Actionable in Ontario?

In Ontario, dog attack accidents resulting claimable injury usually involve dog bites. Dog attack accidents may also include dog paw scratches, bodily thrusts by dogs etc. A person need not be bitten or even touched by a dog to suffer a personal injury. For example: a child walking or a woman riding a bicycle can be chased by an attacking dog resulting in a serious injury to the child or the woman as they accidentally fall down and hit hard surface in an attempt to evade the charging dog.

Dog attacks, resulting in accidental injuries, can be:

Aggressive: Some dogs are aggressive in nature, making them prone to bite another person in their pre-emptive aggression to protect themselves, their territory or their master.

Non Aggressive: Sometimes a dog may become excited and may jump in an attacking fashion or bite a person, although it may not be an act of full aggression. Dogs have their bad days.

Both aggressive and non-aggressive dog attacks causing injuries, irrespective of the dog's past propensity to bite or attack humans or animals, can potentially be legally actionable in Ontario, giving right to make a monetary claim for damages against the dog owner, under the scheme of personal injury or tort law.

The term 'Dog Owner' is defined broadly in Ontario for legal claim purposes, and a 'dog owner' for dog attack personal injury legal claim purposes may include private individuals, corporations or the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP).

Even though, dog attack legal claims fall under the general purview of personal injury or negligence law, nevertheless, the unique pain and trauma that an animal attack entails make dog bite victims uniquely vulnerable, and unlike any other field of personal injury law. Yet, in Ontario, Dog Bite Law is often neglected or sidelined. This is why we have decided a career as Dog Bite Lawyers, specializing in Ontario Dog Bite Injury Law.

Ontario Dog Bite Injury Lawyer

Hannan Virdi Dog Bite Injury Lawyers' Difference

1. Solo specialization in Dog Bite Law: Only Ontario law firm specializing exclusively in Ontario dog attack personal injury law. We only serve dog attack victims.  Our specialization makes a solid difference in the result we obtain and the work we do. Check our google reviews:

Hannan Virdi Dog Bite Injury Lawyers
Based on 81 reviews

2. Vast Experience in Dog Attack Injury Cases:  Because dog bite injury law is all we do across Ontario, we have developed a strong and solid experience and niched edge in this area of law, enabling us to offer Ontario dog bite victims an unparalleled level of service. 10+ years of experience.

3. Proven and Time-tested Result: Every dog bite case is different, and the Ontario court in a recent case highlighted the highly subjective nature of the dog bite injury damage assessment. If your dog bite injury is serious and critical, our specialization and experience can make all the difference between success and failure, and between a just, full monetary damage recovery and a meager or no damage recovery. We are two expert dog bite injury lawyers who will work in one team in your case, offering our career dedication and expertise tailored to your dog bite injury matter to get you the maximum just judgment or settlement in a timely fashion. With the highest level of professionalism, strong ethics and cutting edge specialized dog attack personal injury lawyering, we have obtained hundreds of thousands in just damage compensation after a serious dog bite injury.

4. Only Specialist Dog Attack Lawyers:   At Hannan Hannan Injury Law, you never deal with clerks or paralegals. You get unparalleled clear, personalized communication, advice and guidance - always directly from us - two specialized dog bite lawyers from the first phone call till the end of your case. You will feel being heard, professionally served and fully compensated.

5. Expertise in Kitchener - Cambridge - Waterloo - Guelph - Grand River Region Dog Bite Cases:  With an Ontario-wide Dog Bite Law Practice, we are able to bring in a wealth of experience to optimally serve the Kitchener - Cambridge - Waterloo - Guelph - Grand River Dog Bite victims. Our dog bite lawyers are trained in Ontario  and are available across the Grand River, Ontario region, and are intricately familiar with all local by-laws and nuances applicable in a serious dog bite case in Kitchener - Cambridge - Waterloo - Guelph - Grand River Region or beyond to obtain the best outcome in a serious dog attack case.

Free Consultation, No Obligation, and always absolutely No Fee Till We Win arrangement.

Call Now and Talk Directly with our Two Specialized Ontario Dog Bite Injury Lawyers:  289-678-1637

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Usman Hannan, JD (Osgoode Hall, Toronto);  Ontario Dog Bite Injury Lawyer
Usman Hannan, JD (Osgoode Hall, Toronto); Ontario Dog Bite Injury Lawyer
Jatinder Virdi (LLM, Toronto), Ontario Dog Bite Lawyer
Jatinder Virdi (LLM, Toronto), Ontario Dog Bite Lawyer

  Usman Hannan JD, MA, BA, and Jatinder Virdi, LLM, LLB are specialized Ontario Dog Bite Injury Lawyers with many years of experience. At the Hannan Virdi Dog Bite Injury Lawyers, they will work in your dog bite case together as a team.


Hannan Virdi Dog Bite Injury Lawyers
Based on 81 reviews

Usman and Jatinder provided me with expert legal guidance for my civil case. During a very rough time, they provided excellent legal counsel, specifically: how the process is structured, the timeline of the suit, and what a reasonable settlement amount is. I highly recommend their services for any dog bite manner.

---Darren Viegas

I am very satisfied with my case outcome. Mr. Hannan and his firm provided the service that I could trust and depend on after the dog bite incident. Thanks so much for their help.

--- Ada Pang

Mr. Hannan is a great lawyer, he helped me through a tough time. He is very professional, efficient and provided excellent quality of service with the best team. .... I highly recommend Mr. Hannan and team. Thank you. 

---Jude Ragel

Hannan & Hannan really took the time to truly understand my dog bite case and handled the situation with a lot of understanding and patience. The detailed demand letter they put together was unlike any I’ve ever seen before, showcasing how much they listened to my story and how much they cared. I’m very happy with the settlement that was reached and in a relatively timely manner. On top of that, they were very professional with the opposing side making it a very comfortable and friendly settlement. At no point did I feel like I was just another “case” to them.
Thank you for truly caring about my story and helping me get the settlement I knew I deserved. --- Caroline Rebry

Top Three Personal Injury Lawyers in Mississauga, Ontario for Four years in a row: 2020, 2021, 2022  and 2023 by the ThreeBestRated.

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You or Your Loved Ones in Kitchener - Cambridge - Waterloo - Guelph - Grand River Region Suffered a Serious Dog Attack Injury From Someone Else's Dog?

Free Consultation, No Obligation

We always offer No Win No Fee arrangement so you never pay us anything out of pocket ever. We Take Our Fees and Costs from the recovered monetary damages after the successful completion of a case. We will be happy to talk and explain this arrangement in detail.

Talking directly with our dedicated Ontario dog bite personal injury lawyers via zoom/online video or in-person can help you know your rights and options.

Our Dog Bite Injury Lawyers will:

- Listen and review everything you wish to share fully and confidentially.

- Answer any questions you have frankly, candidly and professionally.

- Explain Ontario's dog bite claim process, and how we may approach your damage claim.

- Conduct a completely Free Assessment of your dog bite case.

- Help you understand whether you need our specialized Toronto Mississauga based Ontario dog bite lawyer or not to pursue a monetary damage claim.

In cities like Kitchener, Cambridge, Waterloo, Guelph or in the Grand River Region,  serious dog bite injuries can happen, just as anywhere else in Ontario.  Our Specialized Dog Bite Lawyers Fight & Win Your Rights When You or Your Loved Ones in Greater Golden Horseshoe Region Are Seriously Injured By Dog Bites.

All consultations and discussions with our specialized dog attack injury lawyer can be via phone, emails, zoom or online video, and of course in-person at our Ontario Office Location

If You, Your Child, or Your Dog Suffered a Serious Dog Attack Injury, Contact Hannan Hannan Injury Law's Specialized Dog Bite Lawyers.

Dog Bite Injury Lawyer

Frequently Asked Questions

Ontario Dog Bite Attack Injury Lawyer

Getting a Just Damage Compensation Post Dog Bite Injury is Both an Art and a Science, and Our Two Ontario Dog Bite Lawyers Specialize & Excel in It For Kitchener - Cambridge - Waterloo - Guelph - Grand River Region Dog Bite Victims.

Damage compensation post Dog Bite Injury is different from other areas of personal injury law in that a lawyer has to take into account the special circumstances of dog bite injury, existing dog bite law, and the victim's unique vulnerability from essentially an animal assault.

We fully recover:

    • Compensation for pain and suffering, which may result from:
        • Puncture wounds, tooth marks, claw scratches on face, private parts, limbs and other different areas of the body. Stitches and other surgical procedures may be needed.
        • Psychological trauma and injury, like PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), which can range from general anxiety to intense fears and phobias. Symptoms may also include night terrors, agoraphobia (fear of going outside), panic attacks etc. Generally, a dog bites can be traumatic or extremely painful experience resulting in negative psychological repercussions.
        • Permanent Scar marks in sensitive or visible areas of the body that can negatively impact self esteem, pleasures of life, attractiveness or life-style in general. These scars may have a long-lasting negative impact in the victim's life. 
        • Tearing or straining of nerves resulting in partial to full paralysis of different parts of the body.
        • Other types of bodily injuries and scarring, including head injury, broken limbs, crushed bones, viscera or vital organ damage etc. 
        • Dog bite injuries may result in short to long term to life-long partial or full disability and/or chronic pain. 
    • Compensation for loss of income because unable to continue working or schooling for a long, short or indefinite period of time.
    • Compensation for out of pocket expenses, like housekeeping expense, medical expense, reconstructive/plastic surgery expense etc.

The amount of full and just monetary damage recovery widely varies depending on lawyer's expertise and dedication, and this is where our focused, dedicated and specializedToronto-Mississauga based Ontario dog bite injury lawyers can make the most positive difference in your damage recovery.

Call Now and Talk Directly with our Two Specialized Ontario Dog Bite Injury Lawyers:  289-678-1637

Serious Dog Bite Injury Lawyer

A High Level Primer on Our Ontario Dog Bite Injury Claim Process

  • In Ontario, dog attack injury cases are governed by the Dog Owner's Liability Actand the evolving case law. The attacking dog's party, often sheltered by their insurance company's trained adjusters or their lawyers, takes the full advantage of existing uncertainty and complexity of law, leaving no stones unturned to deny liability or to minimize damages. They utilize every opportunity to kill the case or offer an unjustly and unworthy settlement.  They willfully ignore the full extent of your physical or mental pain and trauma, and they destroy or minimize the damage evidences. Our dog bite lawyer has dedicated his entire career so that none of these could happen in your dog bite case.

  • We navigate the dog bite injury compensation regime for your best interest. We establish dog owner's liability, and the full extent of claimable damages, taking into account every possible way you have suffered from the dog attack injury, both physically and emotionally, and we never let the dog owner's agents and lawyers lose sight of the full truth of your harms and losses. 

  • While you go through the healing process, our Ontario dog bite injury lawyer pursues and curves out a strong case for you. With strong ethical advocacy in light of law and evidence, we ensure an optimum just settlement that caters to your best interest.

  • And if out-of-court settlement doesn't work, then we sue the responsible parties in the Ontario's legal system. Sometimes a dog bite lawsuit or court trial may be the last but necessary resort to justice, and we know how to win dog bite cases in the court so that you get a full and just monetary damage recovery. Judges in Ontario do not see dog bite cases often, which makes it a minefield for inexperienced or generalist lawyers to present a poor case to the judge and ending up in a poor compensation for a serious injury, and our Greater Toronto specialized Dog Bite Injury lawyers work hard to avoid all such poor results from the onset of a claim process. 
Dog Attack Injury Law Firm

Confused or Have Questions After a Serious Dog Bite Injury in Kitchener - Cambridge - Waterloo - Guelph - Grand River Region or Anywhere Else in Ontario?

-Contact Our Specialized Ontario Dog Bite Injury Lawyers for a Free One-on-One Tailored Consultation

-Follow Our Guidance on What To Do Post Dog Bite Injury

We are a Boutique Dog Bite Personal Injury Law Firm, Serving all of Ontario.

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Free Consultation, No Obligation, and always No win No Fee arrangement.

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Hannan Virdi Dog Bite Injury Lawyers
Based on 81 reviews

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Best Personal injury lawyers in Mississauga
Best Personal injury lawyers in Mississauga
Best Personal injury lawyers in Mississauga